NY State Craft Beer Competition presented by Ultimate Brew Services

To make a great craft beer you bring all of your artistry, dedication, science and passion to the table. We bring the most respected judges from the industry to the other side of that table.


Our Judges

WE HAVE THE BEST JUDGES. Our judges include the most influential people in the NY beer industry, including Brewmasters, Cicerones, BJCP judges, educators, retailers, and industry writers and consultants.


Name Title
Adam Kryder
Alex Linde Head Brewer - Wagner Valley Brewing Company
Alex Seaborn Alex Seaborn
Amanda Kunz
Andre Kalenak
Andrew Gagne
Andrew Urban
Andy Crouch
Antonio Arias
Austin Montgomery
Bill Kennicutt
Bob Charboneau
Catie Callaghan
Chris Nothnagle
Christian Mercado
Christopher Brogan
Chuck Raniewicz
Connor Northrup
Cory Muscato Distiller - Lockhouse Distillery - Buffalo, NY
Coy Eakes
Craig Altobello
Dan Beaudoin
David Gardell Retailer- The Ruck, Troy NY/ Certified Cicerone
David Katleski
Don Tse
Dustin Paulin
Dwayne Bershaw
Edward "Ted" Ganster
Elise Stevens
Ellyn Gooch
Em Sauter
Eric Salazar Wood Aged Beer Specialist
Erik Norsen
Evan Flury
Geoff Wenzel Research and Development Brewer
George Dailey
Greg Doroski
Heather McReynolds
Jason Scull
Jaymes Flournoy
Jeff Ware
Jessie Smith
John Fischer Professor
John Holl
Jon Mervine
Ken Carman
Kevin Litchfield
Kevin Mullen
Kristin Hein
Leanne Weber
Lew Bryson
Lorraine Hems
Margarita Valdiviezo
Margaux Mora
Marina Nothnagle
Mark Goodwin
Mark Zambron BJCP Certified
Matt Conyer Co-founder of DraughtLab
Matthew Redpath
Mike McManus Brewmaster
Mike Petrivelli
Millie Carman
Mitchell LaGoy
Peter Tarkulich BJCP Certified
Phillip Rusher
Rich Michaels Brewer / Partner Frog Alley Brewing
Richard J DeTommaso BJCP National
Rob Richenberg Mr.
Ryan Demler Dir of Brewing Operations
Sam Tischler
Samuel Alcaine
Scott Scanlon WNY Refresh Editor
Sean Galligan
Shawn Mullen
Stephen Wilson BJCP
Steven Brecher
Steven Landgren BJCP
Terry Felton BJCP National Judge
Thomas Clifford
Tim Langley
Tim Rozmus
Will Cleveland Beer writer/columnist